Friday, September 7, 2007

moneymasters scam

Yeah these people are great at putting on a show. If you have an extra $13k a year to help drive your business into the ground check it out.


I Hate Plumbers said...

Yes, very much a scam. I found out.when I called Mchales Plumbing out on a service call and they were twice as expensive as the other estimates. I did start another blog about my experience. Great show but not worth all the money. The plumber gave me the inside scoup. What I can tell you is that they lost a long time customer and probably many more if I can help it. I'm sure its great for the bottom line,but not the homeowner. The next company I called out used the same parts,same warranty and were $200 cheaper for the same repair. Money is not just a number on paper. I am on a fixed income and they dont seem to care i wonder what the old man would say if he were still around. He was so good to us. They were so concerned about snooping around my home for more work and not so concerned about what my issue was.

Andy Wyatt said...

I run a family business and raised 5 kids, almost went belly up, suffered horrible depression, and poor self esteem as a businees owner and family man. Nexstar was a God send for me literraly. I learned what it takes to run a fair business. A fair price is fair for the old man on a fixed income and fair for the father of five with fixed expenses. We enjoy a free market in this country. Do not ever minimize the right to run a business profitably. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head. If one thinks the price is too high then simply decline and walk away.