Friday, September 7, 2007

Nexstar: Amway for contractors

Nexstar puts on a great show. And belive me when I say you pay for it. They have a business system that works! It is a surefire way to steal $$$$$$$ from hardworking, struggling small business owners. And it works!

If you want their system to work for need to have enough money not to need their system. Membership runs about a grand a month for professional support(dodging and avoiding questions, not giving definitive answers on anything) on how to make your business profitable. Then the software required costs about $10K plus a hefty monthly fee(on top of the grand you are already spending). The system is not designed to work with out this accounting software.

Flat rate price books: another must have....... each tech must have a Nexstar flat rate book @ $500 each. These books are quite incomplete leaving out many everyday repairs. It's always nice to have your tech, who is putting on this great show for the new customer, fumble thru the pretty illustrationsin the flat rate book only to have to make up a number, quickly hide this $500 book, and hope the customer forgets as fast as you pulled that number out your ass (300% higher than your competitions price at that).

Better still if you are a full service company You have to spend $500 on your HVAC flat rate book, then $500 on your electrical F/R book, the $500 more on your plumbing F/R book.

Price objection. The fun part. Try to convince your customer that the 5amp automotive fuse (like the spare one you have in your glove box) will cost them $305.00 all inclusive. So now that you spent 25 minutes getting there. 5 minute filling out your pre visit check list over and hour presenting and then diagnosing there problem you have to try to get your dispatch fee out of them. Oh yeah since you offer 100% satifaction of course there not satisfied and refuse to pay

Then there is the required bootcamp for another few grand and lost time from your customers(your only income).

Then you need to fly your entire staff, set them up in the 5star convention centers in different locations around the country to attend various schools.

I'm sure all new small business' can afford to drop $100,000.00 on schools, flights, food, lodging, software, forms, tapes, dvds, books, posters, confetti.

I know if I had an extra $100k laying around I probably would not be asking for help. Not like they give you answers you can use. If your even lucky enough to get an email responce or return phone call.

"How does that sound?"

moneymasters scam

Yeah these people are great at putting on a show. If you have an extra $13k a year to help drive your business into the ground check it out.